Performance & Sport Psychology Workshops in London


For our business clients we offer a variety of workshops, inventories and presentations to suit your needs. We are happy to deliver the presentations at your workplace or booked rooms across the city to suit your staff and work hours.

Workshops we provide:

Developing and Enabling Adaptive behaviours at work ©

Coaching and driving performance ©

Maintain and sustaining motivation ©

Depression in Sport ©

Mental Toughness ©

Preparation and successful performance ©

Well-being in the Workplace ©

Leadership Development and Effectiveness ©

Change Management ©

Organisational Development and Change ©

Motivation and changing habits in the workplace ©

Motivational interviewing (MI) ©

Emotional intelligence (EQ) ©

Systems Performance Under Pressure ©

Developing Personal Resilience ©

Developing Team Resilience ©

Developing and Enabling a Growth Mind-set ©

Developing and enabling Effective Teams: How effective teams work ©

360 feedback to create change and to improve Team performance ©

Dealing with pressure effectively ©

Mood and emotions at work: how to get into the right mood to perform well ©

Improving focus, ‘being’ mindfulness and goal setting at work

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We have had the honour and pleasure of working with many great clients over the years and pride ourselves on long-lasting client relationships.

Trina Hannam

Training Manager at Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd

"Amanda, in her work with Inside out was professional at all times as well as being caring, warm hearted and empathetic. A delight to work with.”

Jonathan Blanchard Smith

Leadership & Management Consultant, and Former Chairman Member of The Reform Club & Director and Fellow SAMI

“I have been consistently impressed by [Amanda’s] drive, her innate sympathy with her clients, and her ability to drive change in even the most demanding circumstances.”

Venus Williams

Some people say I have attitude – maybe I do…but I think you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there.

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